Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meet Dr. Tammy Zeineddin

Dr. Zeineddin has been practicing dentistry for over 18 years in Atlanta area. She began her undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech and completed her degree in bachelor of science in microbiology from Georgia State University.

Even though she has always considered Atlanta her home, she pursued her dream of being a dentist by attending the School of Dentistry at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where she graduated with honors and was the youngest person in her graduating class of 1992. With Dentistry being her passion she strives to be as proficient and comprehensive about her approach as possible while providing a courteous and relaxed atmosphere for her patients.

She considers herself a general dentist with a strong focus in preventative dentistry and a special interest in esthetic and cosmetic dentistry. her motto is " prevention is better than treatment", and her "before and after " pictures are a work of art.

Aside from dentistry, she enjoys all forms of art from acrylic and oil paintings to sculpture art; hence, her talent in art is incorporated to her daily routine as a dentist. To her cosmetic dentistry is a delicate combination of science, techniques and artistry. "Although we stay very current with the cutting edge technologies and new things in dentistry, what sets us apart from our peers is that our team is willing to listen, educate, and communicate the needs of each patient individually, in order to address their specific dental needs and to create masterpiece."

Monday, July 19, 2010

Patient question: "Is nail biting really that harmful?"

OK, so you know that biting your nails is a bad habit, but many people still wonder: what’s so awful about biting your nails once in a while? Recently, Dr. Trushar Patel and our staff came across an interesting article in the Huffington Post on biting nails and the effect it has on your teeth and oral hygiene.

Not only is nail biting unsanitary, it's also unattractive, unhealthy for your teeth and expensive!

Here’s why:

It’s unsanitary. Your nails are dirty, almost twice as dirty as your fingers! Hence, biting your nails is just asking for germs and bacteria.

No good things come to your teeth. Nail biting causes your teeth to constantly be chewing, which is not good those pearly whites. This excessive motion wears your teeth down faster than a non-nail biter’s and puts a large amount of stress on your front teeth, contributing to teeth misalignment.

It can be costly. Nail biting can result in up to $4,000 in additional dental bills over one lifetime, according to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). Really? Yes! Yikes!

Now that you know how harmful nail biting can be, it’s time to take action to break your that pesky habit of biting your nails. Questions? Ask Dr. Patel the next time you're in for a visit.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ask Dr. Patel: How do I avoid bad breath?

At 19th Street Dental, we know bad breath can be a real downer, especially when you're out on a date or at an important social function! However, we want you to know bad breath can be prevented!

Bad breath, or as Dr. Trushar Patel calls it “halitosis,” is caused by odor-producing bacteria that grows in your mouth. This bacteria gathers on bits of food in your mouth and between your teeth and release sulfur compounds making your breath smell.

Here are three ways you can prevent bad breath, courtesy of Dr. Andrew Weil:

1. Brush your tongue.

2. Keep your mouth hydrated.

3. Freshen your mouth.

Also, here are some common myths about halitosis:

Myth #1: Mouthwash will make my breath smell better

Mouthwash will make your breath smell better, but it is only a temporary fix. If you use mouthwash, just know that you will still need to brush and floss when you get the chance as mouthwash alone will not kill all of the bacteria producing germs in your mouth. When choosing a mouthwash, pick an antiseptic with plaque-reducing compounds. Also make sure any dental products you choose comes with the American Dental Association’s (ADA) seal of approval!

Myth #2: I brush my teeth; I will never have bad breath

Brushing your teeth will save you from having breath, but the truth is most people only brush their teeth for about 30-45 seconds! You need to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes, twice a day to give your teeth a thorough cleansing. It’s also important to brush your tongue, which is where a majority of odor causing bacteria like to hang out. Lastly, flossing to remove food and plaque between the teeth will also help reduce your chances of having bad breath!

Myth #3: If I don’t smell it, then my breath is fresh

This is a false assumption in every sense of the word! The truth is that the breath you breathe out is not the same breath coming out when you talk to someone. When you breathe you are not using your throat as you do when you are talking; and when you talk more breath moves over the back of your mouth where bacteria is causing bad breath.

For more information on halitosis, we encourage you to give us a call at 404-567-8900!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What are happy patients saying about Dr. Patel and 19th Street Dental?

About a month ago, we asked you, our loyal patients, what you liked most about Atlanta dentist Dr. Trushar Patel and 19th Street Dental. Well, we received a ton of responses and thought we'd share a few with you today! We hope you have a fantastic Fourth of July weekend, and we'll see you soon! Please feel free to contribute your own thoughts about our office!

"Great business model - best service I've ever received from a medical provider - every employee seems to truly enjoy coming to work and the patients they're working with. You should teach classes!" ~ Jennifer H.

"The doctor was very personable and detail oriented. He spent time with me and treated me as an individual. The staff was very professional and very efficient." ~ Amy K.

"Very friendly, welcoming, professional." ~ Michael T.

"You and your staff are doing an excellent job. I'm very satisfied." ~ Lakita N.

"I would like to acknowledge the staff from the front reception all the way to the dentist himself. The service your office provides is very courteous and professional. I love this office!" ~ Antonio C.